• One hand operation thanks to intuitive pushbuttons disposition: the operator controls the crane without focusing on the buttons, but concentrates on the load.
  • Operator protection: Harmony eXLhoist prevents from unexpected operations and protect your operator, equipment, and load.
  • High availability: charge time for the battery is only 15 minutes for 30h runtime, so you do not need a back-up. In addition, the battery working life is up to five years, which is double the life of a traditional battery
  • Unrestricted worldwide use: the globally compatible 2.4GHz frequency used enables you to deploy the same solution worldwide and standardize your spare parts stock.
  • It also prevents interference between many remote control stations, allowing up to 50 systems running simultaneously.


  • Industrial cranes
  • Construction cranes: tower cranes and self errecting cranes

Designed for intuitive operation

The position of the buttons enables easy one-hand operation.

4 sizes:

  • LC1-BL up to 800 A/AC-1
  • LC1-BM up to 1250 A/AC-1
  • LC1-BP up to 2000 A/AC-1
  • LC1-BR up to 2750 A/AC-1

4 arrangements of instantaneous contacts Combinable thermal overload relays: LR9-F, LT



  • AC, DC, low-consumption DC control circuit
  • All types of starter: reversing or non-reversing, star/delta, by auto-transformer, etc
  • Connectors: spring terminal, EverLink terminal block, screw clamp, ring-type connection, Faston connector.
  • Easy and simple direct mounting between contactor and circuit breaker, according to EverLink terminal block (from 40 to 65 A).


  • All DC or AC control voltages 50/400 Hz
  • “Power” connection
  • Flexibility (options can be added)
  • Safety of operation
  • Quick, simple mounting of contactor and GV7-R circuit-breaker
  • Connectors : screws


  • Common options available for all ratings: 6, 9, 12 A
  • Control circuits available: AC, DC, low-consumption DC, silent
  • Applications: 2.2 kW, 4.5 kW, 5.5 kW in AC3 and AC4
  • Connectors: screw clamp, faston connectors, spring terminals, pins for printed circuit boards