Air Circuit Breaker


  • Conforms to IEC 60947 - 2 & 3
  • Single frame size for full range
  • Icu = Ics = Icw (1sec) = 50 kA offers complete discrimination with the downstream breakers.
  • Suitability for 690V applications
  • Intelligent ET range of trip systems with current & voltage measurements.
  • All 4 pole breakers equipped with adjustable neutral protections
  • High electrical & mechanical maintenance free endurances


Get the performance you need, at a cost-effective investment, with the quality you demand:

  • ACB offers reliable protection in LV distribution networks assuring continuity of service.
  • Single frame size optimizes switchboard dimensions for complete range from 800 to 4000A.
  • ACB will help to optimize installation & maintenance costs.
  • ACB inherits key values - Safe, Reliable, Simple & Affordable.


Air Circuit Breakers are ideal for variety of applications & designed for protection & measurement of electrical distribution networks.

  • Buildings
  • Industrial sites
  • Electrical Utilities and distribution
  • Generator protection
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