Rubber Cables

In keeping with the company’s commitment to technological advancement, elastomer materials such as Polychloroprene (PCP), Chloro-Sulphoneted Polyethelene (CSP), Nitrile Rubber / PVC blends, Ethylene Propelene Rubber (EPR), Ethylene Vinyle Acetate (EVA) and Silicone have been specially compounded to meet numerous heat oil and fire resisting requirements. In the recent years KEI has also developed special Elastomeric Fire Survival Cables for power, control and instrumentation wiring.

Elastomeric compounds for insulating and sheathing of cables are formulated to meet the requirement of IS 6380, BS 6899, IEC 60502 and other international specification.

General Construction (Conforming to IS 9968 Part 1)

  • Conductor: Annealed tinned Copper wires Solid (Class 1), Stranded (Class 2), flexible (Class 5)complying with the requirement of IS 8130-1984
  • Separator Tape: Suitable material separator tape may be applied over the conductor
  • Insulation: General service elastomer compound Type IE1 of IS 6380-1984, Heat Resisting elastomer compound Type IE2 of IS 6380-1984, Silicone Rubber Type IE 5 of IS 6380-1984
  • Core Identification: Coloured insulation, Nos.PE tape, Coloured proofed tape, Nos. printing
  • Sheath: General service sheath Type SE1/SE2 of IS 6380-1984, Heavy Duty Sheath Type SE3/SE4 of IS 6380-1984
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