LT Cables

KEI INDUSTRIES LIMITED is manufacturing LT Power Cables with PVC or XLPE insulation of voltage grade upto 3.3 KV conforming to various Indian and International Standard Specifications. KEI also manufactures other types of cables as listed at the end of this catalogue.

These winding wires have very thin insulation thickness which makes them useful in smaller submersible pumps such as V4 pumps. The old pumps are to be rewound the stator slots get smaller and they require thinner winding wires.


  • XLPE means cross-linked polyethylene or vulcanized polyethylene.
  • The basic material is low density polyethylene. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic material consisting of long chain of hydrocarbon molecules.
  • At elevated temperatures these molecules tend to move relative to one another so that the material becomes increasingly deformable and will eventually melt at the temperature around 110oC.
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